Can design take life to where it's never been?

The quest for inspired design led Embassy Group to the much acclaimed Andy Fisher Workshop. Creative ingenuity coalesces with a deep understanding of the environment, whilst extensive research on occupant lifestyles and what can be achieved translate into a unique, environmentally responsive development. 170 villas spread over 51 acres present a eco-sensitive interpretation of the estate lifestyle. The design combines contemporary language and planning with local materials and traditional details such as stone Jaali screen concealing the front gallery space.

It offers the residents a vibrant community experience with a deep regard for an ambience that values elegance, visual consistency and coherence. The master plan has been zoned with well-planned precincts which play host to small, medium and large villa plots. The design approach greets you the moment you arrive at Embassy Boulevard: wide, tree-lined avenues provide welcome respite from the din and frenetic pace of the city. The exquisitely landscaped roundabout with a cascading water feature lead you to your private villa.

An opulent international standard club house and a series of themed parks proffer a signature lifestyle - a rare confluence of gracious sophistication and responsible luxury.


The good life. By Embassy

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